Condo Association roof deck demo and installation

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Sean, the principle of Reveal Designs, designed the layout for a backyard that included stone work, plantings, irrigation, deck, containers and furniture placement. Prior to this project, our back yard had a large deck with a hot tub which was removed and replaced with the Reveal plan. After spending a great deal of time inquiring about our needs and assessing our design aesthetics, Sean presented us with two different drawings (both of which were fabulous). Once we selected a design, he provided us with his recommendations for plants and trees thoroughly explaining the reason for his recommendations and providing photos of what the mature plants/trees would look like. We specified that we wanted plants that are maintenance free and now after having lived with the landscaping for over two years I can truly say that we have invested very little time and money in maintenance. Sean serviced our landscaping with spring/ fall clean-ups and irrigation maintenance. All the work was done in a professional manner and using high quality materials. When minor glitches did occur, we found him to be an excellent problem solver and everything was done to our satisfaction. Our real estate agent indicated that the addition of the landscaping to our home probably increased the value of the property beyond what we paid for the work so we were even more delighted!

- Scott J, Noble Square, Chicago, IL Quotation mark

Backyard Deck, Patio, plantings, Irrigation and Lighting System

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Reveal Design Chicago demolished our existing 2,000 square feet rooftop deck (pine) and replaced it with a new 2,000 square feet composite material deck. They demolished and removed the existing structure, arranged for the delivery of the new material, arranged for the crane to get material to the roof, installed new wood joists on top of our existing steel frame and installed composite decking material.
I contacted Sean through a referral from a friend. Sean was available immediately to look at the project and provided a thorough proposal within a few days. I had already identified the supplier for the material we wanted from a lumber yard that was going out of business. Even though Sean was not involved in that purchase and was yet to be engaged , he helped analyze the costs and provide good insight on exactly what we needed. He also arranged the delivery with the supplier. Once we had all the prices set, we engaged Sean and the work began soon after. The first step was to demolish and dispose of the existing wood deck. Sean arranged for the new material to be delivered as soon as the old deck was removed. The install of the new deck occurred as soon as the weather allowed. Sean made sure the weather was ideal for composite deck install (hot and humid so that the boards were installed at their largest size). The carpenter put some great finishing techniques on the deck that make a huge difference in the overall aesthetic. Overall, the carpentry work on the new deck was excellent. The deck was cleaned and all debris was removed. Sean has provided some guidance since the close of the project as well.
Sean and his crew cared about the final product and took time to make sure it was done right. We will definitely be using them again for future projects.

- Sam S, Sheffield/Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL Quotation mark

Backyard Turf area and dog run

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Very satisfied with the work provided by Reveal Design on transforming our dust bowl back yard into an aesthetically pleasing and practical yard (for our dogs) via the installation of pet turf. Reveal Design workers were very personable and efficient and went above and beyond the installation of the turf by reworking the garden space in our yard. Would highly recommend Reveal Design for your landscaping needs.

- Mark M, Bridgeport, Chicago, IL Quotation mark

Garage Rooftop Deck, Planters, Lighting & irrigation systems

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Reveal Design performed a complete remodel of our roofdeck. The services included; irrigation, new decking, lighting, custom outdoor seating, and custom planter boxes. Very rarely do you get a unique combination of a professional business person and someone with an artistic vision. With Sean you get exactly that. We met with many design and construction firms before meeting with Sean. Once we spent an hour with Sean we knew immediately he was the right guy for the job. He got to know our taste and did an amazing job incorporating them.
During the construction process Sean was very accessible and responsive whenever we had questions. Furthermore, he always went above and beyond and didnt cut corners. One day we had an unexpected rain storm during construction and Sean was over with a WetVac cleaning up the area to make sure the rain didn’t make a mess of the work area.
The best part of working with Sean is his pride in the work he does. He treats the area as his own and values true craftsmanship. We look forward to working with Sean however possible in the future.

- Eric C, Lincoln Park, Chicago IL Quotation mark

Penthouse Rooftop Deck on Floating Pedestal System with Planting, Lighting, irrigation and screening

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Reveal Design (Sean Kelley) created a beautiful penthouse condo outdoor sanctuary. He provided overall design concepts, drawings, expert advice & installation. porcelain tile (looks like pennsylvia bluestone) elevated flooring system, 2 privacy fences, custom-built large planter boxes, installed large plantings, irrigation system, hose, helped with choices for planters and plants.
Sean is an excellent business owner and designer, his crews are prompt, friendly and competant, and when something is unexpected or goes wrong (and something always does with a big project), he was great at resolving the situation. His crews are very customer friendly as well. The one glitch was that his planter resource was not very good. They were VERY slow and their customer service was awful. We decided to go with a difference source and it worked well.

- Elizabeth D, River North, Chicago IL Quotation mark